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Self-Care Is Critical In Busy Times

How often do you prepare a SELF CARE Spa Bath Treat for yourself? Never? Well, that is about to change! You are so busy! Running here, running there, working hard, some of you are running and raising children while you try to work! Everyone is so demanding these days: Work, family, children, school, church, clubs, pets, parents, in laws, friends.... how do you fit it all in? You are just too tired! You can't take on another single thing! You are barely keeping things afloat as it is! Well, first and foremost, you need to stop talking about taking time out for yourself to recharge and start doing it! It's called Self Care!

In my house when I need a time out, I loudly explain I am taking one and exactly what it means. I will be taking a bath, no one will bother me (or, pay the price!), I need 1 hr to myself this evening. And I began my self care ritual.

You will need 2-3 candles. Lay them around the tub and light them.... Catalina's Cottage has some really nice ones. Buy a few!

Now, plug the tub and run that bath water! Perfect temperature, run it until it is nice an deep and as hot as you can stand it! Turn out the lights... Enjoy the candle light. You could even use your cell phone to put on some lovely music or a bubbly brook sound.

Unwrap that special soap you purchased at Catalina's Cottage. This one is fabulous. Abies Petunia. Inhale the scent... oh, yes, it smells absolutely lovely!!!! Feeling excited about your self care treats, set it aside on the tub.

Purchase a few wonderful bath bombs. Once you try them in your bath, you will want to use one every night. Catalina's Cottage has the most fabulous bath bombs. So fragrant! Once your tub is full of water, slip in and immerse yourself. Now, drop in that special bath bomb you purchased. Watch it roll, fizz and foam releasing the wonderful aroma therapy. Breathe it in, really relish in it.

Our Natural Sea Sponge is perfect for soaking water and spreading it all over your body. It's what makes your bath so luxurious! Grab it and soak it down then rub it against your body over and over as you drip the water over your shoulders, wipe your face, down your neck... enjoy the luxury.

Now you are in the thick of tonite's self care routine. When you are ready, grab that special soap you purchased. Wet it and roll it around in your hands. Take a sniff, smells so great doesn't it? Use it to clean your body from top to bottom, it will leave your skin feeling amazingly clean.

Starting to feel better yet? Relaxed? Well, one more thing. Exfoliate!

Time to exfoliate!!! Catalina's Cottage offers this wonderful Spa Sugar Scrub in a Papaya Mango fragrance. It has the most wonderful oils and butters in it. Scoop a little out, and rub in anywhere you wish to polish your skin. It smells delicious! But don't eat it! It's for your body! Once you have rubbed it where you want, gently rinse off the sugar scrub. It feels really great on your feet!!! Try it! Some people even use it on their face.

Once you have completed that, you can spend more time soaking. Take a few minutes to quiet your mind and meditate. Breathe in, and breathe out. Deep Breath in and slowly exhale. Think of exhaling all that stress...... Breathe in relaxation, exhale stress. Tell yourself, "I am releasing my stress"..... repeat over and over until you feel completely relaxed.

Once your bath is complete. Step out, dry yourself and put on your comfy pajamas or nightgown and sip on a cup of tea right before you turn in to bed.

Other pointers to think about as you began to drift off to sleep. Sometimes, you have to just say NO. Say No to upcoming events, and create more Self Care time for yourself. Turn off your phone and take no calls after 8 pm. Tell everyone you go to bed at 9 pm, and do it. Put the kids to bed earlier. So you can have one hr to yourself every night before bed. Make sure you are eating healthy. High Carb foods make us very tired and cause lack of energy at the end of the day. Drink a healthy smoothie every morning as you head into your day. Ask for help when you need it. If you are like me, you try to do everything yourself. Ask !

People love you. They need you, and you need them. It's important to take care of yourself, so you can take care of them. Don't change yourself short. Start your SELF CARE routine today. We can help you get started. Check out our wonderful products. If you know someone who needs a self care package, find some great products for them here on our website. We'd love to assist you.

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