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  • What is the difference between Natural Homemade Soap and Commercial Beauty Bars?
    Natural soap is made using Natural ingredients like Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil which are known to be moisturizing to the skin. Natural Handmade Soap has no chemicals. Commercial Beauty Bars are called Beauty Bars because they are not Soap. They are made with synthetic lathering agents, synthetic fragrances and petroleum based ingredients that can cause dry, itchy skin conditions.
  • Why is Glycerin important in Handmade Soaps?
    Glycerin is a highly profitable product. Most commercial bars extract the glycerin to use in other highly profitable products like lotions, etc. They then replace the glycerin with synthetic products that are similar to glycerin. In Natural soaps, after the natural saponification process that occurs when Lye and oils are mixed together, the natural glycerin that is a byproduct of this process is retained in the Natural Homemade Soap. How? It is a natural humectant that creates a silky and smooth soap that moisturizes delicate skin. Hence, why many people no longer need to moisturize after using a quality made Natural Soap.
  • Are Natural Soaps Environmentally Friendly?
    Yes they are. Because no chemicals are used in the process of making Natural Soap. Naturals Soaps are not tested on animals either. Another great plus is that Natural Soap does not leave soap residue behind which makes cleaning sinks and tubs so much easier! Commercial Soaps use chemicals in their processes and many times use animal fat which causes clogged pores and and eczema in many people.
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