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How To Enjoy Your Daily Bath/Shower

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

BATHING - You just must! - Of course, you must! Day after day, you climb into your shower or bath, soak into the warm water, and reach for the boring soap in the corner and start your cleansing routine. No excitement, more of a chore than anything else. In fact, many would argue their way out of showering if they didn't think someone would smell their wafting odor!

Well, what if I could tell you how to really look forward to your shower or bath every day?

First of all, it is important that you consider bathing and showering a “treat” of sorts. Why not? Aren’t you lucky to be able to step under clean, warm running water? Many people in other countries do not have that luxury. So yes! It’s a treat and time to give it the appropriate respect.

Next- Don’t you work hard? Every day, you are doing things for someone else. You answer to others, try to meet their expectations, your spouse, boss, customers, children, grandchildren, coworkers, family? You do! How often do you “treat” yourself? When do YOU become important? One time in the day that is yours. No one elses. Now. In the shower/ bath. Yes, it’s time to make this your special time to treat yourself.

So, now that we have that out of the way, how do you go about “treating” yourself to luxuries you deserve?

1. BUY ALL NATURAL SOAP – A bar of soap, especially for you, your skin type, that has the most wonderful scent, and color and greets you as soon as you step into the shower or bath. Yes. Right there in the corner, is your “special” soap. Pick it up. Smell it. Awwww…. Yes… It smells so amazing. Move it over your body. As it “cleans” it is also relaxing you because you can smell the wonderful scent and feel the soft glide of the soap and the bubbles the soap creates, and you know you are not putting chemicals on your body. You are using something natural and luxurious. (See Catalina’s Cottage Soaps $6.99 + depending on selection)

2. USE AN ALL NATURAL SEA SPONGE – A quality sea sponge can run you upwards of $20 or more, but this little piece of heaven is worth it’s weight in gold. It is all natural, comes right up from the bottom of the sea, to your bath. It holds water until you squeeze it, then releases the warm water all over your body. You can soap it up and rub it against your body as you feel its gentle, but soft, caverned goodness glide over your skin as it cleanses you. (See Catalina Cottage’s Sea Sponge. $16+ depending on size.) (These are also perfect for babies bathtime!)

BATHING? DROP IN A BATH BOMB! - Oh, if you have never tried a bath bomb, you haven’t lived! The one to the left is Cucumber and it's heavenly! Once your hair is washed and you are ready to just relax, drop in your bath bomb. It will fizz, foam, and spin around….. releasing salts, softeners, and aromas. A luxurious bath bomb is worth it’s weight in gold. (Not all bath bombs are this lovely, but Catalina’s Cottage Bath Bombs are!!!). As you soak in the tub and the bath bomb is doing its work, your senses will be tantalized by the aromatherapy. Relax and enjoy every moment. (See Catalina’s Cottage Bath Bombs $7.99+) Try them all!

NEED TO EXFOLIATE? SUGAR SCRUB!!! Our Spa Papaya Melon Sugar Scrub is to die for! It has the most lovely scent. The moment you open the jar and smell the scent you will want to spread that scrub everywhere on your body. Use it on your legs, arms and feet. Rub the scrub in circles all around. As it exfoliates it will leave a nice butters and oils on your skin. Some people use it daily even though they don't need to because they just love the way it feels on their skin. Rinse gently, then you are ready to step out of the tub or shower and pat dry.

HAVE DRY TROUBLE SPOTS? Our Catalina’s Cottage Body Butter is perfect for that dry skin issues. It comes in a few different scents. Scoop a dime size helping onto your finger tips and it will immediately respond to the warm of your hands and begin to melt. Rub it every where you need to. The scent is amazing, and the special ingredients: joboba oil, coconut oil, vitamin e, meadowfoam seed oils makes it a wonder butter. You can place this on the bottom of your feet and hydrate those dry heels and elbows. Its excellent for women for after leg shaving etc. Once on your hands, you may find yourself constantly smelling your hands because it is so amazing! (Catalina’s Cottage Body Butter is available for $12.95 & $24.95)

Once you have pampered your body with these lovely body treats, you will feel like you spent a fortune at the Spa, but the secret is, you didn’t, and you can do this every night if you wish for just a portion of the cost.

Part of our well being is not neglecting ourselves. It is important to feel good, healthy and happy. Catalina’s Cottage Products will help you feel amazing. Taking care of yourself, creates a wonderful warm energy about you and gives you that extra oomph you need to feel great!

Now, help yourself, enjoy your bath/ shower time again!!!


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