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Introducing our Premium Beard Oil.....

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Oh, mighty bearded one..... how many times have you heard your sweet lovely lady and children say they adore those hugs and kisses, but your beard is scratchy! Well, let Catalina help you with that small problem! We have created a wonderful beard oil, that once applied over time will make your beard the softest beard in town!

When creating our beard oil it was an absolute must that it must not be just any ol' beard oil. It must be the best beard oil a man can use! We hunted for the best, most luxurious oils! Argan Oil is our personal favorite! Argan Oil comes from the nuts of the Argan Tree of Morrocco. It is so soft. It's even a great environmental addition considering that because Argan Oil has become so popular as a cosmetic oil, Morrocaans have increased the planting of Argan Trees. Argan Trees help to stabilize landscapes, and provides shade for grasses which are food for wildlife and animals. So we say, plant away!!!! We love your Argan Oil!

Also to the recipe we chose to add Sweet Almond Oil. It is excellent for moisturizing! It seeps right into beard penetrating it to create softness. And lastly we add Vitamin E as an antioxidant. We also added Oleresin Extract from Spain to help maintain the structure of the oils over time so they will not become rancid if it takes months to use all the beard oil.

And oh, the fragrance of the beard oil....... a wonderful vanilla woodsy scent.......... so sexy!

To use our Premium Beard Oil, you simply drop 3-6 drops into the palm of your hand. Rub both hands together and then work it through your beard, rubbing also against your skin. Don't ignore that mustache! Rub into that also. Working upward against the beard and stache to completely coat all hairs.

In just a few days, your beard will begin to feel softer. You may even find yourself constantly touching it.

Our Premium Beard Oil makes an excellent gift for your friends and family. We also offer a gift pack that includes a nice pocket size wood beard comb. Let us know what YOU think of our fabulous Premium Beard Oil.

Best Regards,


The Phoenix Collection. Premium Argan Beard Oil

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