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Soap - Turmeric Bergamot

Soap - Turmeric Bergamot


Turmeric Bergamot Natural Essential Oil Soap. What a wonderful soap!  Everyone knows how wonderful Turmeric is for your body.  Though this is soap and a wash off product, it's important to know what turmeric is best known for, so you can imagine why we would choose it for our soap.  Turmeric is known to be an antioxidant. It is also known to be anti-inflamatory. Now, our soap is just soap. It washes and cleans, but how wonderful is it to use such awesome ingredients to make it?  Bergamot Essential Oil is known for preventing infection, reducing depression, anxiety......Orange Essential ( Citrus sinensis ) Oil is known for eleviating anxiety, inflammation, depression and even anger.   So, even though this is soap, why not use amazing ingredients?  We also placed some nice botanicals on top for decoration. These will wash right down the drain no problem.   The scent of this soap is like fresh orange citrus.   Exhilarating.


Net Wt. 4.5 oz.

  • Cure Rack Details

    This soap is currently on the cure rack until the end of July 2019. If you choose to order now, it will not ship until then. It must be entirely cured to ship.  Thank you!