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Say Goodbye to

Dry, Itchy Skin

Shower Steamers-  Menthol

Shower Steamers- Menthol


Menthol Shower Steamers! These are very powerful mint scented steamer tablets. They will clear your sinuses. Each tablets is a chunky 2.5 oz each. Just drop one onto the floor of your shower. Splash water onto it to activate it and let the aromatherapy flow while you relax and breathe it in. These are perfect for days when your allergies are heavy or you are suffering from a cold or flu. Sinuses will feel so much better after breathing in the menthol aroma. These are in limited supply.


Warning: DO NOT USE IN BATH WATER. Do not allow children to use in shower unattended. Menthol on the skin can feel very cold. This is why we only use them on the floor in the shower.


Net Wt. 16 oz +

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