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Earth Soy Candle

Earth Soy Candle

$24.99 Regular Price
$22.99Sale Price

This wonderful Earth Soy Candle is a hand poured candle.  We use 100% All Natural Soy Wax because it burns so nice and clean. We also use a 100% Natural Cotton Wick to create just the right amount of ambiance and light. We used special earthy scents to scent the candle, including a clean scent for those who love clean linen etc.... Select your favorite.  This candle is a wonderful large size... it holds over 11 oz of soy wax, and it will burn over 45 hours! We chose a Natural Pottery as a vessel for this candle because it is so earthy and lovely and can be recycled to use as a succulent planter after all the wax is used up! ECO FRIENDLY!  In addition, this candle makes the most wonderful gift for family, coworker or friends.  Everyone loves receiving a cool candle!


Net Wt 11 oz of wax

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