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Watermelon Soap


Watermelon Soap.  This fun soap is perfect for celebrating summer!  It smells absolutely delicious. (But, don't eat it, it is soap!)  The scent is like fresh cut watermelon only better!  How fabulous this soap will look in anyone's bathroom or shower. Kids will love how fun this soap is too.  It has been created to be very creamy and sudsy.


Notes:  Soaps using a red mica tend to drip color in the suds a bit as they are being used. No worries, it will not stain but rinse right off.  This coloring drip usually stops after a few uses.


Net Wt 5.0 oz



  • Care Instructions

    All Natural Soaps should always be placed on a soap drainer (stay) to aid in keeping the soap dry between uses. It also helps to keep the soap out of the direct line of water when not in use.  These pointers will help your natural soap last a long time.