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Dry, Itchy Skin

Papaya Mango Large Soy Candle 16  oz

Papaya Mango Large Soy Candle 16 oz


This is our newest candle scent.  I have to tell you exactly how this smells.  It is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!  I could not believe the hot and cold throw of this candle!  It smells amazing!  It smells like a fresh cut mango!  Fresh, fruity and sweet.  I cannot tell you how amazing this candle is.  You will have to try it for yourself.  We offer this candle also in an 8 oz copper tin.  I can't say enough about this candle.. We really love it and you will too.  Our candles burn evenly, and longer than standard store candles.  They will fill your house with goodness.

This candle would make a wonderful gift or housewarming gift.  

Net Wt 16 oz.