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Lemon Lavender Soap

Lemon Lavender Soap


Lemon Lavender Soap.  This wonderful soap is created with Lemon and Lavender Essential Oils.  Those two scents are double favorites of many people. Crisp, sharp, citrusy lemon combined with floral and herbal blend of natural lavender. We designed this soap to represent both Lemon (Yellow) and Lavender (Purple) with a gentle swirl and a stacked color design.  This soap has been creaqted to be both cleansing and naturally moisturizing.   It glides so nicely over the skin, and our soaps are so bubbly and full of lather!

We create our soaps in a cozy cottage in the woods of the Great Northwest in Washington State.  All our soaps are handmade, in small batches to ensure quality. We use the best oils and butters so we can create the most naturally cleansing and moisturizing bar.  

Our soaps are a Net Wt of 5 oz and packaged in a nice white window box with a beautiful label.  Perfect for gift giving.