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Bacon Woods Soap

Bacon Woods Soap


Real BACON Soap!  Men love this soap.  As part of my self sufficiency knowledge, after making all kinds of soap, I had never made a TALLOW or in this case, a Bacon soap using real bacon drippings.  I wanted to know how it turns out just in case anything ever happened, I could collect "grease" and still make soap.  Well, this soap turned out soooo fabulous!!!  It not only smells like smoked bacon, but it looks beautiful too!  I coordinated the colors to look like all the colors in bacon when it is cooked over a fire.  I added a hint of woods scent to ensure it had "some" kind of scent and it blended so nicely I cannot believe it!

It smells amazing!  Now I know why tallow soap is spoke about in the nicest terms (sorry vegans!)  It is so creamy and bubbly, you will love it!  This bar is a nice chunky bar. It barely fit in my box!

I will not be making any more of this soap, so get it while you can.  It was just an experiment for this experienced soaper.  I prefer my soaps to be VEGAN most of the time!

Wonderful ingredients of this soap are:  Organic Coconut Oil, Tallow (Bacon Grease), Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter, Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil.

Each bar will weigh approx 5 oz.